Estate Plan Reviews

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“The only constant in life is change.”

-Heraclitus of Ephesus

You do not need to be an ancient Greek philosopher to observe that change happens as life happens.

Have you experienced any of the common life events (or others) listed below since your estate plan was created or last reviewed?

Revisit Your Estate Plan During Your Peak Earning Years

Family Relationships

External Changes

Economic and Personal Conditions

Consequently, as the years pass and “life happens,” it is wise to review and perhaps revise your estate plan. An estate plan is like your house, in the sense that both need regular maintenance to preserve your original investment. In these uncertain times, the last thing you need is uncertainty regarding whether your estate plan is up-to-date. We call it peace of mind.

The price of a “will-based estate plan” (probate planning) review is $350 and the price of a “revocable living trust-based plan” (probate avoidance planning) is $500, whether we prepared the estate plan or you are bringing a plan prepared elsewhere. Why? By analogy our estate plan review process is like a having a “full physical exam” of your current plan.

Just like my own annual full physical, you will have some “tests” to complete and submit at least one calendar week before the consultation when we meet to discuss the results.

For my annual physical these tests include an EKG, blood draw, blood flow ultrasound, pulmonary function test, and a urinalysis. Similarly, as part of your estate plan review you will be asked to complete the three (3) essential online questionnaires designed to thoroughly and accurately assess the current “health” of your estate plan.

In addition to completing these online questionnaires, if we do not have them already, I will need a copy of your current estate planning legal documents and any amendments. You may scan and email them, mail them via USPS, copy and deliver them, etc.

Again, I will need your online questionnaires completed and copies of your current estate plan documents at least one calendar week before we meet. If you choose to engage us to make any desired updates to your estate plan after our review, then those changes will be billed separately at a flat price quoted in advance.

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